I was able to finish the book within a single sit and still, I am unable to cope with my thoughts to write the review as I am totally shocked and confound. But I think this is the right time to compile my thoughts.Frankly, I never felt empathy over a narcotist until I read Hysterical Memories, the biography of Eugene Wallace. I am pretty sure this will change your views against the narcotists’ community. Even though most of them are struggling to beat the addiction the society is not let it happen.The true story of the author Eugene Wallace is a must-read to anyone as it uncovers the hidden life of a person who was addicted to drugs from his teenage and has drawn his life to extraordinary chaos owing to the addiction. This is not a story of a drug addict with a mental illness, this is a story of a child who LOST LOVE, AFFECTION, CARING FROM HIS PARENTS, AND SOCIETY. Even more, this reflects a young prisoner who was released from prison without having the right direction to rebuild his life.“I was locked up for eighteen months then they let me go, and then there was nothing, I had no life. I was living in a doss house that stunk of cat’s piss with a mentally ill mother, as well as poverty.”Once he was in the newspaper as the best student in the UK and later, he was in the newspaper as a person with hysterical behaviors. What changed his life so much? It is not because of drugs, but because of people who do not have empathy over a drug addict victim.“… the college had awarded me the student of the year award and gave me a silver plate, which I held up for the press to take my picture. The headline said, Catering students hailed best in the UK. To me, it was like I had suddenly become famous, as I knew everyone on the island read the local paper called The County Press.”“I was in the local newspaper and the cops wanted me badly for what I’d done to them.”The writing is simple and fast-paced. The author portrayed his journey in a magnificent way by sticking the reader to the narration. This short read will open a new viewpoint of life arising a timely discussion that is crucial and indispensable

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