Reading the synopsis of this book had me questioning whether I would really manage finishing it. But after reading the first chapter I become engrossed in it, that I finished it in one reading.

The story of Eugene Wallace has more to it than meets the eye, being brought up in an abusive family with a mentally challenged mother and a father who did not see the good in Eugene. Well, from what we know today through psychological studies, such an environment is a ticking timebomb.

Reading the book Hysterical Memories, the biography of Eugene Wallace, opens up one’s eyes to the hardships faced by addicts, who even when they want to quit these addictions, have to face the society, a society that will hold the addiction over their heads.

The biography takes us speedily through the life of Eugene Wallace, as it is sums up his 55 years in less than 100 pages. But Wallace is keen to share his highs and lows, such as working on the ships at isle of man, going to cookery school, thieving his way to get a fix and even being arrested on several occasions.

The book is written in simple and easy to understand English, making it enjoyable to read and making the reading a speedy one. The read opens up your mind to how society works and leaves you with questions that need self-assessment.

The only downside in reading the book was that it had several errors in terms of grammar, something that I believe will be addressed, as the Wallace ends the book saying , “The show goes on.”

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