Sometimes life is so unpredictable, miserable, brutal, unforgettable, terrible and judgmental that is what “Hysterical Memories” is all about. The book “Hysterical Memories” is an autobiographical and memorable piece of art by Eugene Wallace. This particular story revolves around the life of a man whose fate plays an unfaithful role in his life since he was a child. The hatred of parents and siblings, the disinclination of society, the deceitfulness of a girlfriend, the evil company of friends and the envious nature of colleagues at work make him a criminal and mentally sick person. Besides having intelligence, fortunate and unbound facilities, unfortunately, a price-winning chef in the UK had been recognized as a famous drug dealer. His addiction to smoke and heroine makes his life____ criminal life since his childhood. Drugs were everything for him. Once he was prisoned in jail for a long term, every night he still managed to get his drugs through the sources of the inmate and proudly said “You can lock me up but I can still get stoned every night”.

The author, Eugene Wallace, has strongly built the relation with his readers through the first-person narrative “I”. Despite, having criminal records and drug addiction, the elements of pity and sympathy arises in the minds of readers. A sensitive reader thinks with teary eyes that “How a world could be cruel for someone?” Thus, the language of the story is engaging and interactive. The story also highlights the two hidden aspects of parenting that are child abuse and torturing. Thus, the themes of the story have been perceived as the broken family, child abuse, mental illness, hatred and torturing. Child abuse is a serious but neglected crime unintentionally committed by many parents, even today. In the beginning chapters, it was narrated by the authors that how his father used to beat him physically and torture him emotionally. Moreover, he was also tortured and blamed by his beloved mother since he was a kid and also when he became an adult. In one of the chapters, he said “At childhood, she says I would tell your dad and he will hit you. Now she would say I had hit her”. However, the love of the author for his mother was unconditional he becomes sad and lost when his mother died. He even lost interest in his new business, which he had planned for. The topic of the story is sensitive and sensible because the author has relived many bitter realities of society. Though, the mode of the story is in storytelling. While reading the story, you perceived as the writer is speaking in front of you or directly to you. Thus, the tone is confidential, conversational and painful. Through the main character, the story rotates around multiple plots or distinctions.

The title ’Hysterical Memories’ has been perceived as the psychological and emotional attachment of the author with his memories. At the end of the book, it has been relieved that the author is still living in the UK, thus, the book has been completed, but his journey continues.  To be concluded, this precious book is thought-provoking, and awareness based. This book generates a lesson for parents, teachers, Neighbor’s, relatives and the state. The book is a must-read for people of all ages.

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