Hysterical Memories by Eugene Wallace is a compelling read with a strong appeal for fans of memoirs that explore the minds of those with mental illnesses. In this memoir, the author takes readers on a journey through his life. Written for his family, it starts with early memories as a young boy and documents the author’s experiences living at the edge of human experience, and battling thoughts of darkness, obsessed with a reality that is as elusive as it is illusionary. The author writes about his addiction, illegal activities, mental battles, moments of depression, and suicidal tendencies, letting readers in on how distorted his reality could be. Even assistance in a rehabilitation facility at an early age didn’t help. But how did this man cope with his condition, where did he find the stability to continue his life and even became the UK’s finest chefs of all time?The narrative of this book is poignant and psychologically rich. The author writes with honesty and allows readers a powerful glimpse of his troubled mind. This was one of the causes of his deep-seated fear and anxiety. The narrative is emotionally and spiritually rich and the reader will feel connected to the protagonist.Hysterical Memories is a moving story and while it speaks of the struggles of Eugene Wallace, it also delivers a powerful message of hope — we can always find meaning and healing when we are deeply connected to a support system, to a family, and to friends. The book conveys the message that love heals, nourishes us and empowers us to overcome the most difficult challenges. Highly recommended!

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