I was able to finish the book within a single sit and still, I am unable to cope with my thoughts to write the review as I am totally shocked and confound. But I think this is the right time to compile my thoughts.

The biography of the author Eugene Wallace is a must-read to anyone as it uncovers the hidden life of a person who was addicted to drugs from his teenage and has drawn his life to extraordinary chaos owing to the addiction. This is not a story of a drug addict with a mental illness, this is a story of a child who lost love, affection, caring from his parents, and society. Even more, this reflects a young prisoner who was released from prison without having a right direction to rebuild his life.
Once he was in the newspaper as the best student in the UK and later, he was in the newspaper as a person with hysterical behaviors. What changed his life so much? It is not because of drugs, but because of people who do not have empathy over a drug addict victim.
However, I introduce him as an iron man who stands alone against all confrontations he faced during his journey of life.

Written by:
Laura Wincent

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