Have you ever read a book and hated yourself? Have you ever read a book and thought to yourself to be wicked? Well, that’s what happened to me while reading this book.

This biography of Eugene Wallace is worth a read. Wallace is brought up in an abusive environment, an alcoholic and abusive father coupled with a mentally challenged mother. This is a disaster waiting to happen I must say.

Hysterical Memories, the biography of Eugene Wallace, puts in the open the hardships and discrimination drug addicts face in their day to day lives. That even when trying to quit the harmful habits, the addicts face prejudice. It is essential for the society to know that addicts need love and not prejudice, addicts need to be encouraged when they are in the process of quitting an addict.

The negative thing I thought about the book was the length, just 100 pages for a biography? This makes me believe that the biography is cut short and lacks some details that would make one understand what Wallace has gone through. Nevertheless, Wallace has made it worth a read sharing his experiences in places he deemed to have contributed to the person he is.

The biography is inscribed in simple and easy to comprehend English, making it enjoyable to read and making the read a speedy one. The biography opens up your mind to how society works, making one question themselves.

Another negative in the book is that, it is filled with some errors that a publisher should be able to correct before the book goes to print.

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