Eugene Wallace’s book “Hysterical Memories” gives a true account of the rocky years of his life. The whole story is given in first person and the language used portrays a lot of connection to the story. The narrative used makes the story sound too real to have been made up by a creative writer. Every page bears emotions and a part of the author’s heart concerning what they went through. The language is very interactive, if feels as though the author is right there narrating the story to you. As you read through the chapters, it is evident that the vocabulary used is applied on the basis of experience. Some terms used are quite thematic; only a person with first-hand experience would be able to use them so harmoniously in their story.

The story is narrated in chapters without thematic headings. Nevertheless, it is all so captivating that you barely even notice the break in chapters. Everything flows smoothly that no missing links emerge concerning the persona’s life. Of course 98 pages cannot give the full detailed account of his life, but for some reason, there is enough information to develop the appropriate levels of empathy for them. With every scenario narrated, mixed emotions emanate. The most unlikely emotions arise in certain parts, like compassion when the persona has to steal to raise money for drugs. The book makes us see things differently from the perspective of those that considered social misfits. We are taken deep into their minds and lives to understand what makes them do what they do.

According to the plot, the persona’s is one with a history of rejection and abuse in childhood. So many themes are discussed as we journey with the author in different phases of life. There appears to be an interconnection of calamities, all emanating from the initial problem. The book is a wakeup call to made groups of people, from parents, to children and teens. Different stages of the persona’s life are discussed and every age group has something to learn from it. The persona is made the sacrificial lamb for others to learn from so others don’t have to take the same wrong paths he did. Alcohol, drugs, sex and crime are the most dominant patterns of his life, although he resents the last two somehow. Nevertheless, situations and inability to discern his mental state lead him down the same recurrent road.

This story is a reminder of the reality of life’s twists and turns triggered by ripple effects of others around us. Despite the terms used to talk about drugs and sex, the book is appropriate for all ages that are never too young to learn and avoid the persona’s path.

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