Hysterical Memories by Eugene Wallace is an amazing book that presents a true account of the narrator’s rocky life. The author uses the first-person voice to present a chronological order of events that underscore the primary themes of a rocky childhood, dysfunctional family, drugs, sexuality, and incarcerations. After reading this book, I felt engaged in the story. It was possible to connect the author’s biographical information to what society witnesses today about juvenile delinquency and crime proliferation. Another fundamental aspect of the book is that the narrator leverages interactive language to appeal to emotions and portray reality. Indeed, it is possible to obtain the book’s core concepts as events unfold on every page. Apart from utilizing interactive language and logical appeal, the book effectively established the nexus between childhood struggles and social issues such as crimes. Arguably, it is possible to establish the role of family struggles and rocky childhood in facilitating future unethical behaviors and habits like crime and substance abuse.

Undoubtedly, the book presents plot twists, events, and themes that reflect on the issues that happen in today’s society. Essentially, various takeaways from the book are fundamental in informing, educating, and cautioning the youths aspiring to maintain group affiliations and circumvent the social or legal provisions about crimes. Therefore, I recommend the book because it is informative and educative to the reader.


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