The book, Hysterical Memories by Author Eugene Wallace, is a very captivating autobiography, it got me hooked from the first page with a twist I would have never seen or thought coming. This book takes the readers on a journey about a man’s life from when he was child barely able to talk to approximately a bit over the age of 50, I understand this book isn’t completed and I can’t wait to see what more lies in store in the crazy unexpected life of the main character

I really enjoyed the fact that which each age landmark, the readers were made aware of what’s happening in the main character’s life, where he was and who was in his life at that moment and the significance they hold

I wish this book contained more complex and compound sentence which would have made the reading even more grammatically pleasing but it didn’t diminish the already newfound interest I had in the book.

While it seems like there are lot of characters to keep up with it was very understandable because we, the readers, went through a person’s life and was completely immersed in the character which was assisted by the book being written in the first person pronoun. I can’t wait for the continuation of this book.

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