Hysterical Memories by Eugene Wallace is an award-winning book. This is because it has managed to touch lives all over the world with some extremely powerful content. This book tries to paint different perspectives about life in general from dealing in drugs to suffering from a mental illness and being a super chef.

This write-up will be aiming to make an unbiased and objective review about hysterical memories. If you have been looking for the right book that can provide inspiration/motivation, this ticks all the boxes with its content.

What I Like about this book

There is something that has made this book to stand out amongst others. This has to do with how open the author was towards explaining his challenges. Eugene was able to freely talk about his struggles and challenges. A typical example of this was when he joined a group of people to steal an expensive video recorder from a school. This was how he gradually started getting involved in criminal activities. Furthermore, he talked about how he got into drugs. Of course, many authors would want to paint a picture of them being nice and not committing crime. However, Eugene was quite open given that he was bold enough to talk about bad habits he struggled with.

Also, I love the struggles he passed through in order to earn a living. As a young boy growing up, he already knew how to work in order to make ends meet. Eugene may be narrating events about his life but he was also trying to teach something. At the age of 16, he already knew how to work and cater for the needs of his parents. It meant the book just didn’t talk about how the author was involved in crime and drug. Instead, it showed his other side which was to embrace the idea of hard and legitimate work.

What I don’t like

It is true that the book talked about how the author suffered from a mental condition. However, he didn’t go into much details. This would have helped readers understand more about his mental condition including how he was able to keep it under check all those years. it was a big “let down”. Information like this would have helped people suffering from the same ailment. Despite the book being well-detailed, it is fair enough to conclude that the author didn’t talk much about his mental struggles. He only touched the surface of the problem.

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