Hysterical Memories is the true story of a man who was just trying to get back on his feet, but something strange changed the direction of his life, and his mental health issue involves. Eugene Wallace was not living his best life. He is a very good student once, had a job that he enjoyed and had a girlfriend who he thought he loved. But everything changed. He was dumped; he became addicted to drugs and became a miserable person. In an attempt to better his life, he gets a new job in hospitality industry, working as a chef in a new town.

This was a surprisingly good story. The author has done a wonderful job of writing his own story. The plot is fast-paced; the author introduced the dramatic experiences very quickly and ensured that the reader was hooked. I enjoyed Eugene’s ups and downs and his reactions; he had his doubts, but that didn’t stop him. The author also writes about his addiction, illegal activities, mental battles, depression, and suicidal tendencies. And the author has done a great job of trying to bring it to the readers’ attention. A very life changing memoir.

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