A study carried out by a clinic in Ohio revealed that hysterical amnesia isn’t common. It has been discovered to affect about 1% and 3% of men and women respectively. This doesn’t make it a less dangerous condition either because it can prove to be a lifetime problem. In other words, patients may have to suffer it for the rest of their lives.


What are the symptoms?

Having heard a lot about hysterical amnesia on various platforms (online and offline), you must definitely be wondering what its symptoms are. There is no need racking your brains as you have come to the right place. The major aim of this post is to reveal some of the top symptoms of this health condition.

Inability to learn new information

This is one of the most obvious symptoms of hysterical amnesia. No matter how hard you try to retain new information, it is always difficult. This is because you will forget what has been learnt within hours. This usually happens when the abnormal condition becomes severe. In other words, you are at the point of experiencing permanent memory loss.

The beauty of life is learning and exploring new ideas. This makes your everyday activities less boring. The problem is that hysterical amnesia doesn’t allow such to happen. This is because you may struggle to grasp new concepts.

Not remembering past events

It has been discovered that people suffering from this abnormal condition usually forget about past events. It is another form of memory loss. For instance, an individual can wake up and not remember his name or other personal details. Sometimes, these symptoms are overlooked by people. However, it shows that hysterical amnesia has started knocking on your door. If nothing serious is done, it can become severe as time goes on.

Patients can wake up in the morning and not realize who they are. At this point, trying to look at the mirror will not even help matters. You can even begin to have false memories about people, and events.

Neurological disorders

When you start to experience issues related to neurological disorders, there is a very high chance that you could be suffering from hysterical amnesia. This could be brain tumor, epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, and cerebral aneurysm. Situations like these can make the patient become uncoordinated in his or her activities.

Final words

Having seen the above, it is quite obvious that hysterical amnesia is a major threat to humanity. This is because it can deprive you of your happiness and every good thing that life has got to offer. Its symptoms are quite devastating and can become even worse with the passage of time.

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