When it comes to hysterical amnesia, many people are quick to analyze its causes, symptoms and possible treatment options. However, it has been discovered that there are very few details about its devastating effects. Having such knowledge can enable you understand why exploring the various options for treatment is crucial.

Do you want to know the best part about all of these? It is the fact that there won’t be any need searching online for these effects as this post will be outlining and explaining them for better understanding.  Check them out below.


Brain damage

This is one of the side effects of hysterical amnesia. If your case is severe, the brain structures which are responsible for controlling your memories and emotions will be affected. Some typical examples of such structures could be the thalamus as well as hippocampal formations. When this happens, patients will begin to suffer from short-term memories. Also, they will find it very hard remembering past events.

There have been instances when patients narrate events that have happened in the past. However, they can’t recall or narrate the most recent events. Many things can go wrong with memory loss. For instance, your general knowledge, identity, attention span, and awareness can be affected.



It has been discovered that there is a positive relationship between hysterical amnesia and depression. In other words, the former can make a person start experiencing the latter. Here is a clear example of how you can suffer from depression. If you can’t recall past events or even remember the faces of loved ones, there is every chance that you will feel disconnected and lost amongst family members.

Simply put, hysterical amnesia can make you feel like a stranger amongst your family members and friends. This is because you can’t remember how they are related to you. As time goes on, you will begin to feel lonely. When the situation isn’t addressed, you will become more vulnerable to depression.



Patients suffering from hysterical amnesia are usually confused. They lack any form of coordination. This is because your brain has been slightly altered from its default state. For instance, you can keep something in the living room and search for it in your bedroom. Also, your movements can become uncoordinated.



These are the most common side effects of hysterical amnesia amongst patients. They can progress from mild to severe especially when not taken care of immediately. It is all about looking for solutions as soon as possible.

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