Many people are suffering from hysterical amnesia. While some of these individuals are aware of their problems, a large number of them are not even when its symptoms are obvious like memory loss, not being able to recognize the faces of people, inability to learn ideas and concepts. once these symptoms have been identified, such is when it will become possible to talk about possible treatment options.

Can it actually be treated?

Over the years, there has been an on-going debate on whether hysterical amnesia can be treated or not. Although some experts are claiming it can be treated, others believe it cannot. Do you really want to find out more about this subject matter? You have come to the right place where everything about treating hysterical amnesia will be explained in clear details.

Here is the truth

Sometimes, treatment is not required before patients suffering from amnesia will regain their memories. This usually happens when such abnormal condition is not severe. However, when the problem has led to a mental disorder, treatment will become necessary. Therefore, hysterical amnesia can be treated.

It should be noted that treating patients doesn’t involve the use of drugs. Instead, effective strategies and techniques will be adopted by experts to help patients regain their memories. Some of the treatment options will be highlighted and briefly explained below:


According to experts, this has proven to be very effective in helping people remember events. It is a process that helps patients to learn more about their behaviors, thoughts, feelings and moods. The goal is to help them develop certain acceptable behaviors as time goes on. Hypnotherapy can help to boost the concentration and focus of patients to enable them learn new ideas.

Family support

This is also another way of treating hysterical amnesia. When family members interact with such patients on regular basis, there will be improvement. For instance, they can play music or display photographs of patients. Although this treatment technique has little impact as compared to the first one, it can still bring about some tangible improvements.

Final words

From the above, it is quite obvious that there is no direct method of treating hysterical amnesia. However, patients can be helped through some carefully planned strategies. These should be activities that can help them remember/recall important events in their lives. It is a gradual process but with consistency, patients can improve.


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