Hysterical amnesia is a very serious health condition that has generated lots of questions over the years from many people. These questions have been put forward in a bid to understand more about this problem including how it can be treated for patients to live healthy.

Have you been searching for where to learn more about hysterical amnesia? There is no need to bother again as you have definitely come to the right place. This post will be aiming to highlight and briefly discuss some of the most popular questions that people have been asking about this problem. Check them out below.

What is hysterical amnesia?

This is an abnormal condition whereby patients experience memory loss. Depending on the type being experience, your memory loss could be temporary or permanent. It can either make you not to recall past events or find it very hard learning new ideas. Some of the symptoms are not recognizing people, confusion and memory loss.

What are the causes of amnestic disorder?

Over the years, there have been lots of confusion about what can lead to hysterical amnesia. One of its major causes is excessive alcohol consumption. In this case, your brain tissue will be damaged. It should be noted that your long-term memories will not be affected. However, you will find it very difficult forming new memories.

Another cause is dementia. This happens when some parts of your brain begin to deteriorate due to ageing. Your memory is likely to be affected. Such can lead to memory loss. Too much stress is also another factor/cause. This is because your system is taking too much information it can handle. It happens due to fatigue being experienced. The last cause is head injuries as a result of accident or any unfortunate event.

How can I prevent hysterical amnesia?

There are lots of ways to prevent hysterical amnesia according to experts. These could be:

  • Avoiding use of hard drugs or alcohol
  • Using protective headgear while playing sports
  • Eating healthy foods like vegetables, fruits, low-fat proteins and whole grains
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Regular exercise
  • And many more

How is hysterical amnesia diagnosed?

This abnormal condition can be diagnosed by a neurologist or doctor. The starting point is usually asking about the symptoms you are experiencing. Sometimes, they will have to carry out some evaluation procedures in order to ascertain your state of memory loss (whether short-term or long-term). This will involve some cognitive and other diagnostic tests.

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