Statistics have shown that many people are suffering from emotionally unstable personality disorder in the US. The problem is that most of them don’t know. You may be going about your everyday activities and relating with others. However, there is every chance that you are suffering from this condition.


Lack of proper awareness has been the major reason why many people don’t know they are experiencing this abnormal condition. The good news is that you have come to the right place. The major aim of this article is to reveal everything about emotionally unstable personality disorder.


What this condition is all about?

This is a form of personality disorder whereby you can experience fluctuating emotions. Have you ever experienced mood swing before? This is a sign of Emotionally unstable personality disorder (EUPD). Sometimes, you can maintain a particular mood for hours or even days and start feeling differently all of a sudden. For instance, you are very excited at the moment for some reasons. However, your mood will change suddenly. This is a sign that you are suffering from EUPD.

It is a condition which has to do with people experiencing different emotions within a short space of time. For instance, you can be very confident about achieving something. However, the next minute, such positive feelings will fizzle out.


Symptoms of EUPD

Having identified what Emotionally unstable personality disorder actually means, it is high time we talked about its symptoms. If you are experiencing any of these, there is a very high chance that you are suffering from such condition.


Suicidal thoughts

This is one of the most obvious symptoms of EUPD. Patients usually don’t see any reason to live. They are always negative about life in general. Due to this, they see suicide as the best option. Studies have shown that most suicide attempts are impulsive acts. The victims are going through some crisis and decided to embrace such act.


Always feeling hopeless

When you are suffering from EUPD, there is this feeling that you are not worth anything. You always want to believe that others are better than you. According to experts, the end result for this symptom is always being an introvert. In other words, the victims would always want to avoid interacting and socializing with their peers.


Unstable and shallow relationships

This is another obvious sign that you are suffering from EUPD. Your relationship with other people will not be as stable as it is supposed to be. At first, everything may seem to be going well. However, such relationship can become strained due to some negative feelings you developed. It could be your partner, colleagues at work, friends or loved ones.


Can this problem be treated?

Of course, people suffering from EUPD can get help from experts. However, note that this process doesn’t involve the use of medications. Instead, it will have to do with adoption of some effective strategies to ensure patients/victims are feeling much better. One of such strategies could be concentration on their immediate needs and listening very attentively without making any judgment.

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